Currency trading

updated 2 years ago


Since the beginning of the game we have encouraged the transactions between players and especially through the already known 'donation system'. Given the complexity of the mode, at this time only donations of ammo, points and coins to a designated player or to all players present on the server are available.

  • accessing the system and benefiting from it is contingent on the account, so only players with an authorized one can donate or receive donations
  • we encourage you to use this system only if you do not plan to receive something back from the one you have donated to
  • if you want to trade with a player, please use Trade system to have more control about transactions

Trade system

To prevent fraud, we have decided to supplement the donations system with a more complex yet control-based system.

  • you can choose with whom, in what currency (ammo, points, coins or XP) and how much you want to trade
  • once the directions above are completed, an invitation will be sent to the target player
  • he can refuse or accept; if he decides to accept your trading suggestion, he will be asked to choose the quantity and also in what currency he want to trade with you
  • once the target player made his choices, you (the initiator player) will receive a notification menu to make the final decision


Player-to-player transactions were not always the best choice, many of them being more delicate (fraud), so it was imperative to implement a function to supplement this action.

  • at this point, it is only possible to exchange ammo or XP in points
  • in order to benefit from these functions, it is necessary to have your account authorized with a password
  • to see the exact exchange rates, please visit the game server