Game regulation

updated 2 years ago


  1. We will not ever ask for your account password and if we resort to it, we only want to help you, but only via official contact channels.

  2. We reserve the right to modify these rules at any time, therefore it is your duty to check the rules server whenever you can.


  1. Abuse and any violation of this regulation have serious consequences for all players, regardless of the access held, so that:

    • for admins, it will consist in warning, downgrade or even remove;

    • for mere players, we will act through the gag, slap, slay, kick and even temporary or permanent banning.

  2. It is not allowed to borrow account to friends; when the rules are violated, action will be taken on account and not the person who used it at the time.

  3. Players donors are not exempt from these rules, but rather, when they proceeded to the violation, they get downgrade, suspend or even remove, without the return of amounts previously traded.

  4. After the expiry of accesses we don't offer any kind of refund.

  5. We believe the continuation of spending time on the game server as an acceptance of the rules of this document.


  1. multi-accounts: a player has more than 1 account on game server after being banned or blocked and get use of it by registering it

  2. beg: a player's action which consists in asking for ammo, XP, points or other benefits from another player after being warned by someone that it is not allowed to spam chat or private channel with this kind of requests

  3. retry: in ZC, we see as 'retry' the action of a player which consists in abusive reconnections during heroes rounds (such as nemesis round, wesker round, nighter round, etc.) in order to prejudice the proper conduct of the gameplay, to obtain benefits or to remove himself from achieving certain objectives

Regulation for admin

  1. Put another map to be voted only in in the last rounds or if the current map is too small or too large for the number of players.

  2. Change the map only after it went out to vote of a minimum 3; use command amx_map "map", but leave to drain the last round.

  3. Under no circumstances you may not threaten someone, being him smaller or greater in rank than you. Instead, please contact administration or open a complaint on a designated space for it to resolve the problem.

  4. Use ban command only in these situations:

    • the player advertises;

    • the player uses cheats or hacks;

    • the player uses multi-accounts because his main account is blocked

    • the player has a strong language (and you warned him previously through a gag).

  5. Use unban command keeping in mind these conditions:

    • that ban was wrongfully applied (i.e., a ban applied by a malevolent admin);

    • a ban applied by yourself;

    • NEVER unban a player banned by Owner or System

  6. After applying the ban command, please update your ban list in the designated space ( with a proof (image or link to demo or photo album). A ban without proof may entail serious consequences in case of complaint.

  7. It's strongly recommended not apply permabans, but a maximum 7 days ban. 

  8. Do nothing to AFK players; the server will take care about them.

  9. Being admin, you have to be active while you are connected; if you have other jobs to do, please disconnect.

  10. You may not restrict certain weapons, grenades, and other items on your own initiative.

  11. All players are treated equally, so do not rely on nepotism.

  12. Those who do not attack, tell them what to do, and if they do not want to hear, slap them with 0 damage (amx_slap name 0). If everything continues, you can apply slay, but only in the last minute of round.

  13. We do not accept any offensive language, so try to have behave well.

  14. When player's name contains advertising, you don't have to do anything, the server will take care; when the player's name contains an insult, use amx_nick.

  15. Those who abusively retry, must be sanctioned with ban for 30 minutes.

  16. You may not slay those who are heroes now, a mode to be bought requires a prior announcement through the command /announce.

  17. You may not apply orders without good reason; analyse the situation carefully, obey the player's posture, consult with others.

  18. Do not abuse commands amx_say_,_ amx___tsay, amx_say, y@; they are used only in emergency, not for personal discussions.

  19. You must understand that the presence of this game mode attracts players aged under 13 in a significant proportion, so try to understand them.

  20. Whichever path you choose, you are not allowed to advertising for other servers.

  21. Abuse or actions that may harm the game server or owner, in any possible way, have serious consequences onto your account!

  22. Those who retry after gag, can be banned for 30 minutes.

  23. If your ammo or points generator has been removed (auto or manual) but you have the same quantity (or bigger than 100 points/ammo), you must notify administrator via official channels about this! The undue use of that amount in donations or currency exchanges may cause your account to be suspended or removed and banned altogether!

  24. You may not kick or ban to players who are laggy; they are foreigners and it is normal.

  25. You must have a civilised language, consistent, so that all of us can understand you.

  26. When someone is blocked or outside the map you should use amx_retrieve [name] command instead slay or kick.

Regulation for Game managers

  1. You can only start a mode using command /announce. When the server allows, you can make yourself mode or you can choose another player.

  2. To limit abuse, the server will allow only one mode, once per map.

  3. You must not make someone or yourself human or zombie during a round of heroes.

  4. To encourage gameplay, we recommend to make modes the other players, but this is strictly your choice, and we do not impose.

Regulation for VIP members

  1. It is not allowed to borrow account to friends; when the rules are violated, action will be taken on account and not the person who used it at the time.

Regulation for Event managers

  1. You can start an event only once a day, but do this with condition that it was not started earlier by someone else (check out in Control Board - Event Meter)

  2. Ussualy, the events are started at the beginning of the map and they should keep during the whole map; in case that you want to disconnect, you must switch off the Event from Control Board.

Regulation for players (these rules apply to the categories above too)

  1. Do not dwell with unreasonable demands on admins or other players.

  2. If you suspect that somebody is cheating, use say_team (u) + @, and send your message.

  3. Keep a decent language, without insults.

  4. During modes, do not hide, play fiercely.

  5. You may not spam or beg.

  6. You may not abuse of retry command, especially during the rounds with heroes.

  7. You are not allowed to stay in server as spectator; that place is reserved only for admins.

  8. If you are gagged and retry, you will be banned for at least 30 minutes.

  9. It is strictly forbidden to use the hacks or scripts that bring you an advantage over other players.

  10. Stealing from other accounts is strictly prohibited

  11. If your main account has been banned or blocked you are not allowed to use another account (this results in permaban).

  12. You may not advertise.