Levels and characters

updated 2 years ago


The main adventure of a player in our game server is to pass as many levels as he can and why not, to be able to pass all the levels. As of now, the maximum level is set to 150, but this may be increased regularly. By leveling up, you can have several advantages, as follows:

  • unlock human characters

  • unlock zombie characters

  • unlock weapons and weapons categories

  • unlock extra-items

  • you are allowed to use our donation and trading system

  • you can use more upgrade items

  • unlock missions

We propose you the most convenient way to level up and all you have to do is to kill and also infect your enemies. This way, we make sure that you will enjoy playing as human and zombie too. Your level will be automatically upgraded when you balance both the killing and infection requirements set for your current situation. The more advanced your level is, the more you have to kill and infect.



Human characters

[to be updated]

Zombie characters

[to be updated]