Upgrade system

updated 2 years ago

It mainly uses XP as a currency (but the items here can be also bought with ammo, points or coins in the near future because the system supports this) You can buy / enable items such as health, armor, damage, speed for a longer period of time. The supported units of timeare minutes, hours, days, weeks, months;

There are some special items called 'unlockers':

  • you can unlock items and weapons by level, cost, restriction or shop type (for example, even if you are not a VIP member, you can unlock VIP items)

  • basically, these 'unlockers' remove those conditions required to buy an item or weapon (level, cost, limits, VIP member or number of players)

  • they can be enabled for a few hours, a day, for a few days or permanently (subject of future changes based on requests to add more periods)

upgrades-1.png upgrades-2.png